Multiswitch 13Χ13X24 WITHOUT power supply unit

Part No: LMS 13/24 C

LEMCO’s new Multiswitches utilize new generation components that provide zero port failure, work at low signal levels with high isolation, and have low energy consumption by using an SMPS power supply unit. The outer case is made completely out of ZAMAK, providing high quality of construction, high endurance even in the most extreme environments and superior electromagnetic shielding.
PSU not included.


⦿ Supporting Single, Quad, Quattro LNBs
⦿ Excellent performance
⦿ Compact size
⦿ ZAMAK case
⦿ External power supply




Trunk inputs (SAT+TER) 12+1
Frequency Range SAT 950 – 2150 MHz
Frequency Range TER 47 – 870 MHz
Connector F- female
Impedance 75Ω
Switch commands 13/18 V, 0/22 kHz, DiSEqC 2.0, Toneburst VDC


No of Subscribers 24
Gain TER -6dB ±1
Gain SAT +1dB ±1
Max. output level @ -35dB (IMD3) 102dBμV
Connector F- female
Impedance 75Ω


lsolation SAT Subscriber-Subscriber >34dB
lsolation SAT-SAT >33dB
lsolation SAT-TERR >37dB
Isolation cross polarisation H/V >34dB


No of outputs (SAT+TER) 12+1
Cascade Loss TER -5dB ±1
Cascade Loss SAT -4dB ±2


Code 5213009761215


Power supply +18VDC
Power supply consumption 940mA max.
Operating temperature 0 °C to 40 °C
Storage temperature -10 °C to +70 °C
Humidity Up to 90%
Dimensions 280 x 275 x 45 mm
Weight 1.462 Kg


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