SAT IF-IF converter, 1 output (32 channels max)

Part No: CS432

SAT channel IF converter

⦿ frequency conversion of IF STV channels from different satellites or polarizations / subbands
⦿ creation of a new frequency plan
⦿ up to 32 converted channels are transmitted with one cable
⦿ WEB control and SNMP monitoring
⦿ loading settings from a pre-prepared file
⦿ possibility of mounting to a wall or “DIN rail” bar
⦿ rugged die-cast housing
⦿ connectors: 6xRF – type F Ethernet control – RJ-45 screw connector for power supply power rail



Technical Specifications

TYPE cs432
Order number 01794

RF input

frequency range 250 – 2350 MHz
Number of inputs 4
Signal level 55…88 dBµV
Bit rate 3…45 Ms/s
Return loss/impedance >10dB / 75Ω
Converter power/control 0/13/18 V max 300 mA, DiSEqC 1.0

RF output

Number of outputs 1
frequency range 950 – 2150 MHz in 1 MHz steps
channel strip 20 ÷ 60 MHz
Number of channels Max 32
Carrier level at 2150 MHz 90±2dBμV
Fixed frequency response pre-correction 5 dB
Output Carrier Level Control Limits 0 ÷ -8 dB in 0.5 dB steps
Output control range sum signal level 0 h -15 dB in 1 dB steps
Return loss/impedance >10dB/75Ω
Band interference < -35 dB
RF summation bandwidth 5-2150 MHz
RF summation through loss Terr/SAT < 1 dB

Management and monitoring

connector type 1RJ-45, 10/100 Base-T, for control and monitoring
Ethernet interface controller IEC802.3

Common parameters

Supply voltage 12±1V
Current consumption without power supply of external devices 0.43 A
Operating temperature range 0° ÷ + 50° C
Dimensions/Weight (packed) 36x198x107.5mm/0.9kg


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