TMDS 42 C dSCR/Legacy 2 way Multiswitch (add on)

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Product Number: 307368

TMDS 42 C dSCR Multiswitch

This compact dSCR Multiswitch operates as a standalone unit (requires external power supply) and can be easily integrated onto existing Multiswitches or Optical converters. It serves as a straightforward solution for enabling Sky Q.

Expand your current systems without the hassle of complex rebalancing. The device offers 2 Fixed Legacy outputs and 2 dSCR or Legacy outputs, with automatic detection between Legacy and dSCR modes.

It also includes provisions for Terrestrial, FM, and DAB signal paths, along with AGC functionality. Compatible with Quad or Quattro setups, it’s perfect for both SDU new installations and upgrades, eliminating the need to replace existing LNBs or Multiswitches


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