Digital dSCR multiswitch 290-2350 MHz, Terr.5-862MHz, 2 outputs, Wideband/Quatro LNB

Part No: SRM522

5 inputs – 2 outputs dSCR cascadable multiswitch. With separate DC port.



Technical Specifications

Ordering number 02788

Frequency range

SAT IF 290-2350 MHz
SAT IF output 950-2150 MHz
Terr. TV 5-862 MHz

Number of inputs & trunk outputs

Terr. TV 1
Number of tap outputs 2
Return loss / impedance > 10 dB / 75 Ω

Input level per channel

SAT IF 60-95 dBµV
Terr. TV passive

Tap output with combined DTT

user bands 32 max. per pair outputs, configurable
user band bandwidth 20-60 MHz configurable
dSCR mode output level, AGC controlled 84 dBµV configurable
legacy mode output level AGC controlled, typical 78 dBµV
Terr.TV loss, typical 11 dB

Trunk output loss

SAT IF < 3 dB
Terr. TV < 4 dB


SAT IF inputs/SAT IF inputs > 30 dB
SAT IF inputs/Tap outputs > 30 dB
SAT IF / Terr. TV > 25 dB

DC pass through trunk lines

SAT IF 2 A max., 1 A max. through one line
Terr. TV 250 mA max.

Current pass to H trunk lines

from DC input 20 V 1.78 A max.
from tap outputs 20 V 550 mA max.

Current consumption*

from DC input, H trunk lines 20 V 220 mA max.
from STB 13 V 350 mA max
Operating temperature range 0° ÷ +50°C
Dimensions/Weight (packed) 116.6x91x25.5 mm/0.28 kg


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