House amplifier, CTB/CSO level 101 dBµV

Part No: HA127

up to 862 MHz, gain 36 dB, level CTB/CSO 101 dBµV



RF output

T Y P E HA127

Forward path

frequency range 47-862 MHz
Gain, switchable* 24-27/32-36 dB (fixed slope pre-correction)
Gain adjustment 18 dB
Slope adjustment 18 dB
Flatness* ± 0.5 dB
Input and output return loss ≥ 14 dB at 40 MHz; -1.5 dB/oct., but not less 10 dB
Output level CTB, CSO (EN60728-3) 101 dBµV
Noise figure 7 dB


Power consumption 230 V~ 50/60 Hz 5 W
Operating temperature range -20° ÷ +50°C
Dimensions/Weight (packed) 185x91x47 mm/ 0.8 kg


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