Optical splitter 1×8, 1260-1650nm, insertion loss 10,2dB

Part No: so418

1260-1650 nm, typical insertion loss 10.2 dB



Technical Specifications

TYPE so418
Ordering number 02877
Splitter 1×8
Operating wavelength 1260-1650 nm

Insertion loss

typical 10.2 dB
maximum value 10.7 dB
Loss uniformity ≤ 0.8 dB
Return loss ≥ 50 dB
Wave length dependent loss ≤ 0.3 dB
Directivity ≥ 55 dB
Temperature stability -20 to +70°C ≤ 0.4 dB
Optical input power, max. 300 mW
Operating temperature range -20°C ÷ +50°C
Dimensions/Weight (packed) 36x198x116 mm/0.7 kg


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