RF Socket FS-302 F

Part No: 306151

3-hole SAT antenna outlet socket especially suitable for use in multi switch installations, single cable solutions and individual SAT installations.

⦿ 3 connection possibilities: SAT receiver via the F-connector, terrestrial end devices via IEC-connectors, FM radio via IEC socket.
⦿ Extremely low distribution attenuation thanks to selective splitting of the frequency bands via filters.
⦿ Remote DC-feed via SAT outlet.
⦿ terminated outlet for stub lines from multi switches.




EAN Number 5702663061514


Connector FM IEC-female
Connector TV IEC-male
Adaptable Cable Diameters – Inner Conductor 0.58…1.15 mm
Adaptable Cable Diameters – F-female 0.6…1.13 mm
Adaptable Cable Diameters – Outer Conductor 3.7…5.8 mm
Adaptable Cable Diameters- Jacket 4.5…7.2 mm


Frequency Range FM 87…108 MHz
Frequency Range TV 5…75/118…862 MHz
Frequency Range SAT 950…2150 (2400) MHz


Outlet Type Terminated


Through Loss IN-FM 1.5 dB
Through Loss IN-TV 1.5 dB
Through Loss IN-SAT 2.0 (3.0 @2400Mhz)) dB


Isolation TV-RF 20.0 dB


Return Loss FM 20 dB
Return Loss SAT 20 dB
Return Loss TV 30 dB


Shielding factor UHF > 85 (Class A) dB
Shielding @ 30-300 MHz ≥ 95.0 dB
Shielding @ 300-470 MHz ≥ 90.0 dB
Shielding @ 470-1000 MHz ≥ 85.0 dB0
Shielding @ 1000…2400 MHz ≥ 65.0 dB


Impedance 75 Ω


Tensile Strength – Inner Conductor 1 (Ø) > 25 @ 0.75mm N/mm2
Tensile Strength – Inner Conductor 2 (Ø) > 50 @ 1.13mm N/mm2
Main material Zinc diecast
Weight (kg) TB(D) 0.09 kg
Dimensions product (H x D x W) 70.6 x 70.6 x 21.9 mm
Packaging Height 0.035 m
Packaging Width 0.071 m
Packaging Depth 0.071 m
Packaging Volume 0.000 m3
Net Weight 0.096 kg
Tara Weight 0.008 kg
Total Weight 0.104 kg
Remarks For sat IF systems (SMATV) with connection options for terrestrial terminal equipment such as FM radio and DVB-T television. Only one sat receiver can be operated actively at the socket box chain in case of a cascade of pass-through-sockets in multi-switch operation. Single socket (13/18V, 22 kHz; max. +24V/0.5 A)


Screening Efficiency EN50083-2 (Class A+10dB)
DC Passthrough SAT Yes (max. 24VDC / 0.5A)
MTBF (mean time between failures) >1.000.000 hours


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