TDC5 dSCR/Legacy+Terr Optical Receiver

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Product Number: 307794

TDC5: Optical Fiber Receiver


  • Unique dSCR / Legacy TWIN Optical Converter
  • High output power for overcoming low signal quality in satellite fiber installations
  • 2 x Satellite Optical Receiver for FTTH from a single PON
  • Compatible with TOXT 307792 & TOST 307790 Optical Transmitters
  • Twin 2 x Sat dSCR/Legacy & Terrestrial Outputs
  • Separate Terrestrial Output for Bedrooms
  • AGC on all Outputs
  • Signal Quality Indicator LEDs for all Outputs
  • Up to 32 x Splits (expandable)
  • Power LED indicator
  • Requires DC PSU – 318165 18V/1.2A (Sold Separately)


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