TOCT Optical Combined Transmitter with AGC (Satellite + Terrestrial)

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Product Number: 307791

Is a TOCT (Triax Optical Combined Transmitter) designed for SAT-IF distribution over fiber optics. It enables almost lossless transmission of satellite, DVB-T, and DAB signals with minimal attenuation (0.3 dB per 1000 m). The TOCT features three optical transmitters for SAT-IF LOW, SAT-IF HIGH, and terrestrial RF, combined into a WDM signal for single-mode fiber transmission. It has built-in Automatic Gain Control and Automatic Slope Control for installer-friendly plug-and-play use. The optical output can drive up to 64 optical splits, expandable to 128 with additional converters. Connection of terrestrial antennas requires an LTE filtered pre-amplifier like TMB 2500UK. Order mains PSU adapter separately (18V/2A, 318166).


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