Optical transmitter for 4 SAT IF sub-bands 1310nm, 6dBm

Part No: OT401 6F31

2x(950-1950) & 2x(1100-2150) MHz, 6 dBm, 1310 nm, FP, FC/APC



Technical Specifications

TYPE OT401 6F31
Ordering number 03830

Satellite inputs

Bandwidth 2x(950-1950) & 2x(1100-2150) MHz
Input return loss / impedance > 10 dB / 75 Ω
RF input level (AGC range) for 30 transponders 60-80 dBµV (per transponder); 75-95 dBµV (total power)
LNB remote feeding V,Lo and V,Hi – 13.5 V; H,Lo and H,Hi – 18 V; 350 mA total

Optical output

Wavelength SAT & Terr 1310 nm**
Optical output power 6 dBm
Optical return loss > 45 dB

Main characteristics

Supply voltage 12 V – 24 V
Power consumption without external load 9 W max.
Power consumption with max. external load 15 W max.
Operating temperature range -10°C ÷ + 40°C
Dimensions/Weight (packed) 108x190x54 mm/1.44 kg


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